About Us

Curvy Boutique is a designer lingerie store based in Melbourne Australia and a favoured online mecca for the modern woman.

With inspiration from the word curvy the owners knew that there are some ladies out there who struggle with self-image, self confidence and self-esteem so Curvy Boutique was created and now a large number of people know about us, those who don't are quickly finding out.

Our website presents a tastefully curated selection of lingerie and loungewear and luxury sensual gifts to provide customers with compassionate, expert service. It is our mission to help women feel wonderful from the inside out

Our founder found the passion for lingerie and all things cute when they first start their very first business in 2010, since then the love and passion hasn't stopped.

Curvy Boutique wants to offer every lady with curves the right to flaunt them, show just how sexy they are its a known fact that many men love a curvy person.

We carry a wide range of brands, all of them known by many for the fine quailty they offer, price point and how they fit the curvy person.

Curvy Boutique is a playful, beeming boutique that offers all customers a place to come and feel welcome.

Keep watching in your local shopping center, we are coming a place near you.

Something special waits for you inside....